Voter Lists for Campaigns


About Us

Catalist operates as the data “utility” to support progressive organizations – large and small; local, regional, and national; advocacy, issue, and election focused. We compile, enhance, store and dynamically update person-level data for the entire U.S. adult population and provide the tools and expertise necessary to plan, analyze, and execute data-driven progressive programs. With Catalist, your organization’s programs can be more efficient, intelligent, and react faster to new information.


Catalist Voter Lists

Catalist data is the industry standard, allowing you to get the most out of each program dollar. Our database has higher quality, more frequent updates, and more actionable intelligence than any other. Data is updated nightly during critical periods, vetted by a data quality team with decades of experience, and contains over 700 regularly acquired and synthesized variables on more than 265 million voting age individuals, including registered voters and unregistered adults. Our data store includes election, government jurisdiction and media market geographies, more than 1 billion records of ballots cast, demographic data, contact information, Census, commercial, and specialty data. Catalist’s team of experienced modelers adds synthetic variables including predicting civic behavior such as party registration the likelihood of voting, donating, ideological preference or taking action around certain policy issues.

Catalist additionally serves as a successful platform for clients to share data with one another when they choose to do so, or to jointly build synthetic data - predicting civic behavior or characteristics – to be used by members of the progressive community. Using our constantly updated, growing, and continuously improving data store, progressive organizations can reduce duplication and create opportunities for greater collaboration.