Catalist Partners with BlueLabs,

Fuels BlueLabs Powerful BlueHQ Analytics Engine with Best-in-class Catalist Data

Press Release | July 11, 2016

(Washington, D.C.) Catalist today announced it will be partnering with BlueLabs, the analytics, data, and technology company formed by senior members of the Obama for America analytics team, to provide valuable data to mutual clients and other partners in the progressive community. This partnership will enable BlueLabs to more seamlessly and rapidly provide clients with important data-driven analyses, insights and solutions. BlueLabs and Catalist share a common vision of growing and maturing the progressive community’s data infrastructure and maintaining our data advantage for years to come.

This partnership will fuel BlueLabs’ powerful reporting and analytics engine BlueHQ with Catalist’s best-in-class enhanced voter data through a Catalist Analytics Sandbox.

Catalist, for a decade, has securely provided data to power some of the Progressive Community’s biggest and best technology platforms; such as VAN, Action Network, Organizer, PDI, Broadnet, iModerate, DSPolitical, and others. For the first time Catalist will securely provide the richest set of analytic data available to one of the leading analytics firm through the Catalist Sandbox.

“We are thrilled to integrate BlueHQ’s powerful reporting and analytics toolset with the power of Catalist's data and research for our partners in the progressive community,” said Lindsey Schuh Cortes, CEO of BlueLabs.

“BlueHQ with Catalist data inside gives the organizations we serve a powerful new asset to wage and win campaigns for progressive causes and candidates,” said Laura Quinn, CEO, Catalist.

About Catalist

For more than a decade, Catalist has been a leader in civic data and data science innovation. Our mission is to provide progressive organizations with the data and services needed to better identify, understand, and communicate with the people they need to engage and mobilize. Our clients include the largest, most influential organizations in the U.S. engaged in civic engagement, Catalist is home to a dedicated, creative team of technologists, data scientists, and campaign experts who build best-in class data tools and science. Catalist is committed to using our talents and technology to nurture a vibrant, growing, progressive community.

About BlueLabs

BlueLabs is an analytics, data, and technology company formed by senior members of the Obama for America analytics team. Using innovations in big data technology and individual-level modeling, BlueLabs helps organizations work smarter and make data-driven decisions to address challenging problems and new opportunities for social good.

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