Virginia 2017:

Catalist Partners with WinVirginia, VoterCircle, Relay, Open Progress

50 State Legislative Races Leveraged Catalist Data Through These Partnerships


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(December 12, 2017 | Washington, DC) During the 2017 election, Catalist and WinVirginia partnered to support state house races throughout Virginia. WinVirginia worked with some of the most compelling new political technology providers: VoterCircleRelay, Open Progress, and VoteByMail to provide state house candidates with innovative software and data. Catalist provided the data backbone that allowed these new platforms and WinVirginia to update targeted outreach efforts in 50 state legislative races. In those races, 49 Democrats were elected, 15 of which won seats held by Republican incumbents.

Catalist data powered targeted text-based outreach for persuasion and Get out the Vote (GOTV) efforts via Relay and VoterCircle. Relay is an innovative technology service that uses peer-to-peer texting to mobilize voters. VoterCircle is a powerful and easy to use friend-to-friend outreach platform that enables supporters of any cause or campaign to utilize their personal address books to identify and connect with eligible voters. With a couple clicks, hundreds of digital canvassers can send warm, personal, issue-specific messages, reaching thousands of friends anytime, anywhere. VoterCircle then analyzes this data to predict, identify and activate the most connected voters in every community.

“This partnership allowed progressive campaigns to reach voters in ways not available to them previously. With our data, WinVirginia’s support, and VoterCircle and Relay’s technology, it was a winning combination,” said Michael Frias, President and Chief Operating Officer of Catalist.

“WinVirginia’s vision was to compete everywhere and provide technology and support to all Democratic challengers. Catalist’s extraordinary support helped make this vision a reality,” said Shashi Gupta, CEO and Co-Founder of WinVirginia.

“With Catalist data, VoterCircle was able to help campaigns be far more efficient with their limited time and resources. Reaching people through their existing relationships helps campaigns connect with potential supports in a real, concrete way,” said Sangeeth Peruri, CEO of VoterCircle.

This partnership between Catalist, WinVirginia, and the technology providers proved a successful, cost-effective way to support state campaigns.  

Source: Virginia Public Access Project

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