Catalist Wins Top Prize for Campaign Excellence for Best Use of New Technology at 2013 AAPC Pollie Awards 

Press Release

(WASHINGTON, DC) Catalist recently participated in the Annual American Association of Political Consultants (AAPC) Pollie Awards and won the top prize for Campaign Excellence for Best Use of New Technology, including all three spots for Best Use of Voter File-Matched Advertising. Fifteen Catalist clients were also awarded Pollies by the AAPC.

Catalist shares the 2013 Campaign Excellence Award for Best Use of New Technology with partner iModerate Research Technologies. iModerate maintains the largest online survey panel in the US with over 5 million active panelists. iModerate uses Catalist’s API suite to assemble and vet in real-time online survey panelists through their VoterInsider product. VoterInsider is an online research solution that allows clients to garner sound data and qualitative insights online from targeted and verified voters, while still allowing you to move at the speed the political world demands. VoterInsider is an efficient and cost-effective way to get a more complete read on your target audience. 

“iModerate has moved the online panel process into the world of politics and civic engagement through this unique project to match Catalist data to multiple online panels, ” said Harold Ickes, President of Catalist. “The result is that political targeting may be used to select online panelists for ad testing, reviewing direct mail and online polling for the very first time.  Catalist is proud to team up with innovators like iModerate,” said Ickes. 

The Campaign Excellence Awards are a longstanding tradition of the AAPC and recognize those individuals that have significantly contributed to the success of a candidate or public affairs campaign and whose conduct has been consistent with the professional code of ethics of the AAPC. This year, AAPC received 135 nominations in 15 categories from the AAPC membership and political consulting community at large. Each nomination was vetted by an independent panel of judges, and recommendations were voted upon and confirmed by the AAPC Board of Directors.

Catalist also partnered with DSPolitical and won the Gold, Silver and Bronze Pollies for Best Use of Voter File-Matched Advertising. This cycle, Catalist worked with Minnesotans United for All Families, New Approach Washington and UFCW on voter-file targeted online advertising campaigns. 

“We are honored to see this work universally recognized by the community for impact and innovation”, said Ickes. “By using Catalist Media Segments, the clients were effectively able to target online advertising segments based on civic and political attributes such the Partisanship, Ideology, and Turnout models. DSPolitical was keenly focused on delivering as many online ads as possible to those targeted members and to finely-tuned look-alike universes online,” said Ickes. 

“We could not be more proud of our partners and clients for being recognized for their work using Catalist data,” said Laura Quinn, CEO of Catalist.  “We pride ourselves on not only having the best data, but the most cutting edge platforms to allow constant innovations. These awards are recognition for all of this hard work.”